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Who we are

We are independent brokers specialised in credit risks management solutions: Credit Insurance, Factoring, Commercial debt collection and commercial information.

Our aim is to find
the best cover for your business at the best cost.

We work very closely with the credit insurance and factoring companies and have extensive knowledge of the entire market.


Our main objective is to keep you, the client, up to date with any new developments.

Many businesses have multiple policies with several different insurers and different renewal dates which can lead to confusion and inefficiency. As brokers, we are also able to audit existing policies and restructure your credit insurance programme so that you are with the most competitive carrier who can offer you the best coverage on your clients at the lowest price.

Areas of Expertise

About Us

with offices in Europe, in the UK and in the USA

for SME's and large international blue chip companies

and setting up worldwide programmes with either centralised or local servicing in each country

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