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GGL Trade Credit

with over 30 years experience in credit insurance and factoring.

Our aim is to find the best solution for your business at the best cost. We work very closely with the credit insurance and factoring companies and have extensive knowledge of the entire market.
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In today's ruthless business environment traditional credit control practices are no longer able to guarantee protection against loss and insolvency.

Credit management tools such as Credit Insurance and Factoring have become a key factor

in maintaining a company's profitability and protecting its Accounts Receivable. The accounts receivable are usually the most vulnerable aspect of a business regardless of whether the company is an SME or a Large Corporate.

Even the most rigorous and disciplined credit manager might not have been able to predict that the following prominent multinationals would all be faced with bankruptcy:

Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) – Barings Bank – Daewoo – Delphi – Enron – Equitable Life – General Motors Corporation – Global Crossing – Kmart – Lehman Brothers – MG Rover – Parmalat – Sabena Airlines – Swiss Air – Toys “R” Us – United Airlines – Woolworths – Worldcom…

Most businesses insure their plant, their equipment and yet do not insure their Debtors Ledger which represents an average of about 40% of their assets! Credit insurance and factoring provide you with the cover of one of the most complex areas of your business:
your Trade Credit Risks.

We offer

Multinational presence

with offices in Europe, in the UK and in the USA

Providing services

for SME's and large international blue chip companies

Expertise in negotiating

and setting up worldwide programmes with either centralised or local servicing in each country

GGL Trade Credit

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