• Introduction

    The most competent service can only be provided once we have met with you to discuss your company’s goals in terms of risk, growth, sales and concerns.

  • Meticulous Risk Evaluation

    We analyze the exposure you have to non-payment risk and provide the most appropriate solutions for your company.

  • Overall Market Coverage

    We endeavor to find all appropriate underwriters and negotiate competitive premiums and guarantees.

  • Policy Implementation

    Once the preferred underwriter and policy have been chosen, we ensure a detailed and comprehensive explanation of policy terms and conditions to all parties concerned. This includes simplified and thoroughly explained terminology. All this guarantees your complete policy satisfaction.

  • Continued Support

    Complete support is provided with policy administration including the optimization of coverage on your insured customers and any advice when required.

  • Dealing with Claims

    In the event of a claim, we oversee the smooth-running of the policy agreement pay out and ensure that the insurance company settles the claim as soon as possible.

  • Policy Renewal

    All policies are reassessed at the time of contract renewal. This involves confirming your company’s risk strategy and discussing any changes ie: a complete revaluation of the policy. This enables us to sustain competitive pricing and maximize all the benefits.

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