• Whole Turnover Insurance
    This type of policy provides you with three services: prevention by assessing credit limits above the Discretionary Credit Limit (DCL); collection of your past due invoices; indemnification up to 90% of the insured uncollected amount for both domestic and export business. get a quote

  • Excess Loss / Catastrophe Insurance
    This type of insurance protects your company's accounts receivable against insolvency from a larger, significant customer, or a group of customers whose default would have a substantial effect on the turnover. Coverage will begin after losses exceed a pre-agreed initial loss, or deductible. Hence, the premium is fixed beforehand. get a quote

  • Single Buyer Insurance
    This is specific coverage for just one buyer that is considered a significant contributor to the company's turnover. get a quote

  • Named Buyer Insurance
    This type of insurance covers a selected group of customers who must be named on the policy documents. Again this applies largely to the most significant buyers whose payment default would have catastrophic consequences. get a quote

  • Selective Credit Insurance
    Your company can decide which specific buyer you want to cover and once authorised by the insurer, the premium is calculated beforehand. get a quote

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